[Ubuntu-be] Microsoft Security Report...

Jurgen Gaeremyn jurgen.gaeremyn at pandora.be
Sat May 14 17:22:25 UTC 2011

Just bumped into this link: the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report

(at the bottom you can download a PDF (a.o.) in English or French)

Some figures I like to highlight:

p. 18 (figure 5): Microsoft-related vulnerability disclosures increased
towards the end. (note: Non-microsoft means: other software running
under Windows)

p. 20 Great hop in "JAVA" (due to popularity) but have a look at the
brown "Operating System" line!

p.21 Exploits that are "Internet Explorer Specific" are quite a lot:
they say: Exploits that target IE accounted for between 19 and 36% of
HTML-related exploits each quarter!

p. 23-24 talks about types of exploits... I just turn around and take
another nap :)

p. 30 World map showing infection rates globally. Most of Europe and US
has a rate of 10-25% ... under Ubuntu we have a rate of 1-2% I think :)

p. 35 Infection rates per "Operating system" (yet, only the MS family...
I guess they know we don't get sick) ;)

p. 36 Figure 18: Infection rates per release of Win... obviously, Win XP
has the most infections, and Win7 has the lowest (would be a pity it it
were the other way around). But Win 7 is climbing!

This report doesn't stop! And it's a gift from MS to us all!! So much
great graphs that we could include in our presentations on why to switch
to Ubuntu!!

Enjoy the lecture!
(I hope they notice an above average number of Linux computers
downloading this file in their webserver statistics!)


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