[Ubuntu-be] IRC meeting 25/11/2010 – Report

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Fri Nov 26 21:53:11 GMT 2010

IRC meeting 25/11/2010 – Report
Present at the meeting (in random order) : JanC, Clamam, massimo21, 
jimbauwens, sakhi__, DarkEra, woutervddn, Jean7491

Welcome jimbauwens and DarkEra !

1. Past and Future events - October - November - December 2010
  a.  Dipro fair Genk, 21/11/2010
A succesfull event, the booth had a more professional look and a lot af 
interested people appreciated the improvement. See details in the wiki 
page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BelgianTeam/ComputerFairs/Genk_2010-11-21

  b. Dipro fair Antwerp, 28/11/2010
Coordinator: Bram , team is almost OK, just final preparation is going on.

  c.. Dipro fair Mechelen, 12/12/2010
nero will coordinate the booth, but we needs 3 to 4 volunteers.

  d. Dipro fair Leuven, 16/01/2011
For this new Dipro location, we need a new local team to organize our 
participation. woutervddn is the first volunteer. Ubunteros from Leuven 
area are invited to participate to this event.

2. Promotion
  a. t-shirts for Ubuntu-be   (warddr is leading the project, but not 
We wait for initiative or call for a special meeting about this issue.
Question raised about the future of this project: progress are expected 
in the next weeks, hoping to start 2011 with (100) Ubuntu-be t-shirts. 
Last decisions on this item: see IRC meeting 29/09/2010 - report in the 

  b. Ubuntu and Education  : no new information

  c. Remember: we need a new French press contact, as the current 
(Nicolas P.) has resigned for personal reason.

3. Update Wiki Belgian Team : no information.

4. Support points map status
No new information. A support points map is still expected. There are 
approximately 130 to 140 updated points of support listed on the 
web-site : http://ubuntu-be.org/fr/supporters .

5. Things living in the mailing list and others questions ?
Is it possible/advisable to create a customized Ubuntu-be .iso file for 
the fairs and otherevents. The next step is eventually to burn or order 
pressed CD's. Item will added at the agenda next meeting.

6. Next IRC meeting on Thursday 25/11/2010 at 21.00 hr.

Ubuntu Belgium Events Team

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