[Ubuntu-be] Print our own T-shirs

Pierre Buyle mongolito404+ubuntu-be at gmail.com
Mon May 31 10:18:30 BST 2010


My two cents about cheap t-shirts... Usually, cheap comes with a
price. Where does the blank tshirts come from and in what condition
were they produced ? I guess the seller won't be able,or doesn't want
to to tell. Chances are that they were produced in a country with
none, or very low, social protection for workers and without any
respect for the environment. Now, you may be disrupted and annoyed and
feel I'm hijacking An Ubuntu(-be) related discussion with something
totally unrelated. I don't think I'm. To me, Free Software and Ubuntu
are about freedom and respect for all, not only for wealthy software
users. So I think I have to share these facts in this thread. I think
they are important when making the kind of decisions discussed here.
You may disagree and you may not care, this is your choice and this is
not the place to argue it. So I'll cut it here, let you make your own
decisions and won't interfere further.

Pierre Buyle

PS: AFAIK, Canonical's tee are produced by American Apparel, they may
not be perfect but surely better than many other producers. I don't
know for their other products.
PPS: I'm sure you can get social and environment friendly printed tee
in Belgium, but they will cost more than the 4€/tee.

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