[Ubuntu-be] Brain-storming for new promotional materials

Jean7491 jean7491 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 28 15:13:41 BST 2010

Hi to all,

Although the new Ubuntu Artwork is not yet complete and the release of 
Ubuntu 10.04LTS is planned on 29/04/2010, it is time to think about new 
promotion material aiming Ubuntu in general, 10.04LTS Lucid Lynx and/or 
release party or event :
- Posters and flyers,
- Slogans (for use in posters, flyers and other publications,
- Picture elements ? (compositions with lynx and Artwork, … ),
- ....

With a few imagination, everyone can participate to this brain-storming.

Here a few examples:
- Poster A3) : a computer with weight of an OS and the text with a big W 
and a big 7 :
(En) « Why change ? 7 reasons to choose Ubuntu 10.04LTS » (followed by 
the 7 reasons),
(Nl)« Waarom veranderen ? 7 redenen om te kiezen voor Ubuntu 10.04LTS» 
- Poster (A3) for release party (Ghent, Whitespace, 13/5, or elsewhere)
- Poster (A3) for install party 10.04LTS (Dipro in Antwerp, 9/5 or 

- Slogans
Boost your PC with Ubuntu 10.04LTS !
Ubuntu 10.04LTS : the right opportunity at the right time !
Ubuntu 10.04LTS Lucid Lynx is er ! -
Ubuntu 10.04LTS Lucid Lynx voor je PC !
Herondek je PC met Ubuntu, licht, snel en krachtig !
Herondek je PC met Ubuntu 10.04LTS !
Ubuntu 10.04LTS : licht en krachtig !
Ubuntu 10.04LTS : je beste keuze voor de toekomst !

Ubuntu 10.04LTS est arrivé !
Redécouvrez votre PC avec Ubuntu 10.04LTS !
Ubuntu 10.04LTS : le bon choix !
Ubuntu 10.04LTS : le meilleur choix !

Please feel free to contribute to this brain-storming for new products 
and post your comment/proposition.
Are you also willing to help in a promotion or marketing team? Let us know.

Remark : Ubuntu-be still has stocks of posters « De weg naar de vrijheid 
... » (2008), « Ontketen je computer » (2009) and flyers (2009.

Ubuntu Belgium Events Team

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