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IRC meeting 24/03/2010 – Report
Present at the meeting (in random order) : rulus, siegie , mandel, JanC, 
pvandewijngaerde, jean7491, Clamam, hfsdo, mimor

1. Past and future events
 a.  Dipro Oostmalle (21/03)
The booth was organized by 2 volunteers (Thanks to siegie and rulus). 
The public was in relation with the size of the fair, fairly small. As 
we started earlier the preparation, there was enough material, including 
posters, flyers and cd's. The unused promotion material (20 cd's, …) is 
available in Ghent (rulus) for the Dipro fair on 18/4. Our team had a 
lot of conversation with interested visitors, and installed Ubuntu on a 
laptop during the fair. Pictures and report are in the wiki. The total 
of the gifts (32.40 euros) was less than the booth fees.

 b.. Dipro Genk (28/03)
Clamam has prepared the booth (4 volunteers, hardware, promotion and 
decoration material). Everything is ready. The team is ready to 
cooperate with the Bitmappers for Ubuntu-promotion, including the 
release party in Genk on 16/5. JanC will care for ordering the booth by 
Dipro. He will send original CD's 9.10 to Clamam.

 c Dipro Ghent (18/4)
 Ubunteros from Ghent area should decide if they want to organize a 
booth at the Dipro fair on 18/4. Who is volunteer for the booth ?  Who 
will coordinate the booth ?  Preparation needs time, beginning with 
collecting material and the constitution of a team. Some people expects 
Ubuntu-be to be there.

 d. Release parties Lucid Lynx 10.04LTS.
Already announced (and partly promoted via the mailing list) :
- 03/05 meeting HCC regio Vlaanderen in Mechelen (likely release party 
during a meeting)
- 16/05 Ubuntu Meeting (release party) by the Bitmappers-Hasselt – in 
Cultuurcentrum - Genk (big event!) http://www.ubuntu-meeting.be/
- 9/05 Release party by Dewereldmorgen.be (earlier Indymedia) in 
Brussels  -  information will come soon.

- Ghent release party : mimor started looking for this event. During the 
opening week-end of Whitespace in Ghent, mimor had contacts about 
organizing a (limited in size) release party (or install party) : 2 
rooms for approx max. 30 participants, but no more than 20 chairs, 
hardware, internet and technical support is available. A meeting is 
planned on 25/3 and mimor will get more information. Decisions are 
needed about when ? (not 9/5 and 16/5) and how to promote the party to 
reach +/- 20 participants ? Mimor thinks about giving lightning talks on 
stuff such as the major changes in Ubuntu 10.04 and then do some 
hands-on stuff. If someone knows something cool in the Ubuntu 10.04 to 
demo, please let it know to mimor.

- Antwerp : with local Ubunteros, we started a project to organize 
within the Ubuntu-be booth at Dipro fair in Antwerp on 9/5 something, a 
kind of “install-launch-rp-lookalike” party. We are studying the 
possibility. Question was sent to Dipro for faisability (booth 6m. x 
4m.).  Next to the normal booth setting, we plan an animation, like 
install party in an improved area (in the afternoon), or something like 
that. Main problem will be promotion in Antwerp area to attract people : 
suggestion, and certainly  help, will be welcome. First brain storming 
to have a coherent project, then the promotion ... flyers, ... other 
possibilities, ... ?

 e. Other events
People from Libre Graphics Meeting asked if some people from Ubuntu-be 
want to volunteer for them to present Ubuntu. JanC will mail the list 
about that.

2. Promotion
 a. Public Relations. We need a Public-Relations Team (with people who 
knows about Public Relations) helping to promote Ubuntu information and 
activities in the media. First work is to write and disseminate a press 
article or press release about the release of 10.04LTS.
Of course, we can send a press-release to every media, including local 
radios, Very nice, but who will lead this proposal of "press-release" ?
Maybe we can suggest the BitMappers to do a joint press release ? JanC 
will send an email to the BitMappers.
JanC can help to write a press release in Dutch (and maybe English?), 
mandel can help in English.
The first problem is to find a few motivated volunteers ! All reactions 
and comments are welcome in the mailing list.

 b. No new information about localized CD's. We are looking for 
volunteers to lead this project (related to 10.04LTS) and to investigate 
the possibilities, including prices-offers.
JanC proposes to discuss it with the Bitmappers.
If no interest for this item, it will be deleted from the agenda for 
next meetings.
3. Support points map status
No new input. Don't forget to have a look at  the project on-line for 
all to see and test : http://ubuntu.gwickt.com/drupal6/ (for  test and 
bug report  purpose).

4. Things living in the mailing list
 a. New ways/events to promote Ubuntu : no new input.

 b. siegie suggests a presentation on the radio, like in 2008 (Mark). 
The release of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS would be a great  moment to  repeat it.  
Perhaps we can ask to Mark for help : at the same time, this is a great 
topic for a P-R team !

5. Next meeting on 31/03/2010 at 21 h.

/Ubuntu Belgium Events Team/

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