[Ubuntu-be] IRC meeting 17/03/2010 – Report

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Thu Mar 18 18:06:08 GMT 2010

IRC meeting 17/03/2010 – Report
Present at the meeting (in random order) : rulus, siegie , JanC, 
pvandewijngaerde, nero, jean7491, Gh0sty

1. Past and future events
 a. The Digital Week 06-12/03 (Ostend, Schoten)
- The digital week is a nice opportunity for contacts and more 
presentations in 2011.
- Schoten : very nice location, quite a lot of visitors (more as last 
year), lot of multiseat pc's, sessions were very 'intimate', lot of time 
to ask questions, sessions were done by about 5/6 presentators, giving 
live demonstration on their laptop connected to a beamer about Ubuntu, 
Gimp, Drupal, Voip mostly. Length varying around an average of ca. 30 
minutes. (http://digitaleweek.schoten.be/).
- Ostend : Ubuntu-be has been presented on 11/03 in bibliotheek Kris 
Lambert, in 2 sessions (presentations and demonstrations) at 12 hr. and 
19 hr. About 25 people at noon and 12 people in the evening assisted to 
the presentation, public was very interested with a lot of questions : 
not enough time at noon, and 45 min questions and exchanges in the evening.
See wiki https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BelgianTeam/DigitalWeek-Ostend_2010-03-11
A very positive experience, Ubuntu-be should repeat such a presentation 
at other time and place to reach a larger public.

 b. Dipro Mechelen (14/03) - report by nero.
A lot of interested visitors before 14 hr. afterwards there were less 
visitors at the fair. A lot of questions about different subjects 
(software and hardware). A 3G internet connection was usefull at several 
occasions. Some people were interested by the upcoming release parties. 
Public gifts covered the cost of the booth. Some pictures will be posted 
in the wiki.

 c. Dipro Oostmalle (21/03)
The booth will be organized by 2 volunteers, sigie and rulus. Promotion 
material is locally available and nero will bring additional material 
(pannels and cd's) on 27/3 to rulus.

 d. Dipro Genk (28/03)
Already 2 volunteers in the wiki, Claudio will coordinate the booth. We 
need additional volunteers.

 e. Dipro Ghent (18/4)
After the Dipro 31/1, there were comments/remarks about too many dipro 
fairs in Ghent: Ubunteros from Ghent area should decide if they want to 
organize a booth at the Dipro fair on 18/4.
1 Ubuntero from Oudenaerde is already willing to work in the team.

 f. Release parties Lucid Lynx 10.04LTS.
Already announced (and partly promoted via the mailing list) :
- 03/05 meeting HCC regio Vlaanderen in Mechelen
- 16/05 Ubuntu Meeting (release party) by the Bitmappers-Hasselt - 
Cultuurcentrum - Genk
- ?/05 Dewereldmorgen.be (vroeger Indymedia) in Brussels (?) - no 
further information.

Questions :
- Ghent : possibility to organize a release party for Lucid Lynx in the 
area of Ghent ? mimor started looking for this event. We wait for answer 
from the local Ubunteros.
- Antwerp : possiblity to add something Release Party-lookalike to the 
booth at the Antwerp Dipro fair on 9/5 ? We wait for reaction and 
proposition by the Ubunteros from Antwerp area.

2. Promotion
 a. Public Relations : as ramtar suggested last week, our actions are 
not promoted through the medias. We need a Public-Relations team helping 
to promote Ubuntu information and activities in the media.
Press releases are a good start, if we make a press release for the 
Lucid release mentioning release party's it might get picked up more easily.
Maybe we can suggest the BitMappers to do a joint press release ? JanC 
will send an email to the BitMappers.
A PR team is good of course,  we had one once, but those people aren't 
very active anymore. It is necessary to start again with a new PR team. 
The first problem is to find a few motivated volunteers !
All reactions and comments in the mailing list are welcome.

 b. No new information about localized CD's.

3. Support points map status
No new input. Don't forget to have a look at  the project on-line for 
all to see and test : http://ubuntu.gwickt.com/drupal6/ (for  test and 
bug report  purpose).

4. Things living in the mailing list
 a. New ways/events to promote Ubuntu : no new input.
 b. No other point

5. Next meeting on 24/03/2010 at 21 h.

Ubuntu Belgium Events Team

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