[Ubuntu-be] Keypad resolution for older Toshiba Laptop - Model S2450-201

Glenn South fc243265 at skynet.be
Tue Mar 9 11:16:42 GMT 2010

Hello my old friends. 

Thought I would drop in before going back into the hospital again for
another operation. This time a three vertebra neck fusion. So I won't be
getting your letters for a week or so.

For years, I have been, and others as well in the Linux/Ubuntu forums,
Toshibas was useless, trying to find a way to remap the keys for this
model laptop. I tried all kinds of keyboard layouts with no success
until this morning.


This Toshiba was sold in the UK with an AZERTY keypad layout, and the
only layout in Ubuntu that was even close was using the Belgium setup,
BUT you had to use the SHIFT key and map out where the characters were
by physically printing them out using the shift, alt, and alt-gr keys to
find the right characters you needed. After awhile you got used to where
there were, but still a pain in the wazoo, especially for gaming where
the numbers had to be on the bottom.

The solution hit me like a stone hammer. (after three years I should
have thought of this earlier)


1. Add English - UK keyboard layout, (this matched the numbered keys
because of the pound £ sign  on number 3 and the euro € sign on the
number 4), Print this layout first for reference.

Set it as the default layout and apply system wide I think it said.
System password required of course.

2. Bring up GEDIT.

3. Starting at the top with the numbers, type each number or letter from
left to right, when that physical key wasn't correct, carefully pop that
key off the laptop keypad by lifting it off from the bottom first. (I
used a letter opener) Then find the correct replacement key, pop it off
and snap it into the correct place by hanging the top of the key into
place, folding it down, and snapping it into place at that keypad
position carefully but with distinction, hearing it snap into place.

Continue this until all the keys are in the right place. Mine was six to
eight key changes. ( I wasn't counting )

Reboot and after logon you'll see United Kingdom. Bring up GEDIT and try
ALL the keys again in all modes. Finally I got an old Toshiba laptop
that works as good as a new one, and fully functional on Ubuntu.

So simple, I don't know why someone didn't think of it before. How do we
get this onto the forums and get it on a wiki. This needs to be

Have a great day out there!

Glenn South / Ligaya Pechardo


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