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Thu Mar 4 22:52:30 GMT 2010

IRC meeting 03/03/2010 – Report
Present at the meeting (in random order) : warddr , rulus , siegie , 
JanC, pvandewijngaerde, nero_, jean7491,  mongolito404

1. Past and future events
 a. Antwerp - Hobby & computer-days  (20–21/02/2010) - report
There were some problems to install and run the booth, including the 
multiseat, due to the limited available space. One volunteer missing on 
Sunday has been replace by a HCC member who is Ubuntu user.  The 
catering offered by HCC was OK.
Lesson learned : for the next events in cooperation with another club, 
we have to coordinate in advance the space management of the booth and 
all practical things like tables, hardware, ... We should rather start 
earlier (end 2010) contact with clubs for a cooperation during the Hobby 
and computer-days 2011 in Antwerp (or elsewhere).
Remark: each e event where Ubuntu-be is active should be cover by a 
report in the wiki.
Beside organization and lessons learned, reports should include a 
paragraph Finance : as we receive public gifts, we should mention 
somewhere (the wiki is a good place) what we received and what we did 
with the money.

 b. Dipro Brugge (28/02) -report
With a team of 4 volunteers, everything was OK, not so many visitors, 
but several good contacts. There were some contacts about starting an 
Ubuntu/Linux club in Brugge, but it depends on having a good location. 
It might be useful to start something similar in other places, local 
initiatives are always welcome.
Finance : less public gifts with a negative saldo approx. 20 euros, and 
a spindle CD-Rs (Verbatim) for the next events. Report and pictures are 
in the wiki.

 c. Dipro Charleroi (07/03)
ramtar is in charge of this event, with the help of Cedric : he is in 
contact with 3 LUG's (Sambrelug, CULButte and C.L.I.C.) and other 
volunteers. The booth has been ordered by Cédric. We hope a good 
cooperation with the LUGs.

 d. The Digital Week 06-12/03 (Ostend, bree, Schoten)
- As already announced, Ubuntu-be will be present on 11/03 in Ostend 
with a booth (forum-room bibliotheek Kris Lambert) for 2 sessions 
(presentation, demonstration and test).
See  http://zandletters.be/spip.php?article150   and  
Additional volunteers and visitors are welcome on this day (at 12-13 
hr.  and 19-20 hr.).
- Ubuntu-be will be present in Bree on 07/03 for presentation, thanks 
Jan V.B. http://cultuurbree.be/digitale-week-2010-bree.
- Ubuntu will be presented in the digital week in Schoten 
(http://digitaleweek.schoten.be/) : as the LoCo Team was not contacted 
beforehand, it was not possible to support this event with promotional 
material and promotion. Perhaps next year ?

 e. Dipro Mechelen (14/03)
There are already 3 volunteers in the wiki, nero_ will coordinate the booth.
Eventually additional promotion material is available (flyers and 
posters in Ostend, CD's in Brugge).
We need at least 1 additional volunteer for the booth.

 f. Dipro Oostmalle (21/03)
Two volunteers (siegie and rulus) are already in the wiki, siegie will 
coordinate the event.
We need at least 2 additional volunteers. Preparation is started.

 g. Dipro Genk (28/03)
Already 2 volunteers in the wiki, we need a coordinator (Lars?) and at 
least 2 additional volunteers.

 h. Release parties Lucid Lynx 10.04LTS.
- 03/05 meeting HCC regio Vlaanderen in Mechelen
- 16/05 Ubuntu Meeting (release party) by the Bitmappers-Hasselt in het 
Cultuurcentrum van Genk (van 10:00u tot18:00u) - 
- ?/05 Dewereldmorgen.be (vroeger Indymedia) in Brussels (?)
Organization by the Be LoCo Team ?
- 09/05 Dipro Antwerp : we could organize a kind of “Release Party” in 
the booth ? (large booth with multiseat ?)
- ?/05 Is there a possibility/will to organize a release party in the 
area of Ghent ?

 i. Other events
- 10-14 May 2010 Ubuntu 10.10 Developer Summit at La Hulpe/Terhulpen 
near Brussels - for those interested  
- 26/27 to 30/05 Libre Graphics Meeting - Ubuntu-be is asked to give a 
presentation about Linux/Ubuntu : more detail later.
- 18/09 Software Freedom Day - http://softwarefreedomday.org/

2. Promotion material
About localized CD's : we are looking for volunteers to lead this 
project and to investigate the possibilities, including prices-offers : 
first we need a leader for such a team.

3. Support points map status
mongolito404 put the project on-line for all to see and test : 
Everybody is invited to register and to test it. For now, no map, only a 
list of support point, and only in English. We need as many test (and 
bug report) from the community, so mongolito404 can finish and release 
version 0.1 during March 2010.  => Please visit the website to test the 
proposal !

4. Things living in the mailing list
 a. As already mentioned earlier, we should find new ways/events to 
promote Ubuntu, like open-doors organized by schools, hobby fairs 
locally organized by associations/cities, open ict day ...
As example, it is surprising that within the digital week in vlaanderen 
(http://www.digitaleweek.be/), there is only one event (“Ubuntu” search) 
announced (in Ostend), Bree and Schoten are not announced as Ubuntu 
Everybody can contact the local organizator of the digital week, for an 
increased participation of Ubuntu-be in 2011.
 b. Procedure for re-approval of the Be LoCo Team, the LoCo council has 
re-approved our application as official loco team. This was an 
illustration of the need of reports in the wiki when we (from Ubuntu-be) 
are organizing some activity or participate to events.

 c. Suggestion of a monthly report : a few weeks ago, JanC suggested to 
start a monthly report. We are still looking for a volunteer accepting 
this work.

5. Next meeting on 10/03/2010 at 21 h.

Ubuntu Belgium Events Team

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