[Ubuntu-be] Proposal Hobby & Computerdagen (20/02/2010 - 21/02/2010)

Willem whuysmans at gmail.com
Wed Jan 20 10:43:38 GMT 2010

Hello all,

I heard ubuntu.be is not participating this fair due to high cost.

As every year HCC regio Vlaanderen has a stand on this Dipro exhibition,
eventually we can make some room on our stand for the ubuntu.be community.

Our proposal: can ubuntu.be arrange a multiseat (4 or 6) computer on the HCC
regio Vlaanderen stand, this multiseat can be manned by ubuntu.be volunteers
during the fair.

What can we offer:
- our hospitality
- approx 3 m width on the stand (for multiseat and eventually 1 party-table)
- (wireless) network and ADSL internet connection for the multiseat and
ubuntu.be volunteers
- some sandwiches and drinks for 2 - 3 ubuntu.be volunteers during the fair
- ...

This proposal to be discussed with Nero, Jurgen (members of this list)
and/or myself

P.S. We have the intention to invite OpenOffice.nl to. An impression on our
stand last year you can see here:

Vriendelijke groeten,


Willem Huysmans
HCC regio Vlaanderen
Mail: w.huysmans op kader.hcc.nl
URL:  www.hcc-vl.be
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