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Y P yellow.penguin at edpnet.be
Wed Jan 6 19:47:57 GMT 2010


On Wed, Jan 06, 2010 at 06:10:32PM +0100, Pierre Buyle wrote:
> So, the FEDICT believe in letting the market decides what to offer to
> the people. 

Well, in fact they may not push one of the actors; saying this they decided
apparently to not decide, so you're right, if there is no offer based on
Free and Open-Source, + with Gnu/Linux (or other) that's because there are
no any consortium with such offers. 
>At the same time, the EC agreed that MS abused of its
> position on the market to hurt its competitors. And even if MS didn't
> abuse of its position, the market is heavily unbalanced because two
> companies (MS and Apple) have more than 95% of its shares. So I find
> it foolish to believe that any free market theory can be applied.

Send remarks to the Minister Van Quickenborne, that may help in
understanding why there aren't any effort from fedict to defend and propose
free software too or to push the current candidates to propose free and open

> IMHO, by doing nothing to restore some competition on a broken and
> unbalanced market the FEDICT actually asserts its preference to
> preserve the actual state of the world.

Agree with you. It's a judgment of "Ponsius Pilatus"! 

Y P 

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