[Ubuntu-be] Report Dipro Fair Hasselt 24/01

Lars Blockken lars at blockken.be
Wed Feb 17 11:53:41 GMT 2010

Hi all,

Below is the report for the dipro beurs in the Grenslandhallen in Hasselt on 24/01/2010.

Me (Lars) and claudio arrived around 8h30 at the Grenslandhallen. Last time in Genk we weren't ready in time so this time we went a half hour earlier. Hans arrived around 9 with the AluPCs and Thijs and Raymundo arrived a bit later. Jan was excused.

Coming half an hour earlier was a good plan, we where ready in time. Claudio brought a switch so that he could connect to the hotspot with his laptop and share the connection with the AluPCs and Laptops. Very good idea I hope we can keep using in the future in Genk and Hasselt. 

The fair itself was ok. Not that manny people. In the morning there was a little rush hour, but in the afternoon it was quiet. A lot of people came to us that already knew ubuntu, but had some troubles with installing or had installed it twice by mistake and wondered why there was little hard disk space left. People where very generous in their donations. There where also younger people who where very rude, told us to quit trying to bring ubuntu to the people. But off course we know better then them :). Although it was a quiet fair it was a really good fair.

It was also nice to have Raymundo on the team. He had some troubles with dutch but your help was more then welcome :). Claudio also donated a computer for the Limburg Eventbox. Thank you for that. My (Lars) dad also donated an older laptop we can use for the eventbox and I have found an LCD monitor we could use for Claudio's pc.

Thank you AluPCs for the two computers, Claudio, Thijs, Hans & Raymundo for  your help at the fair. Hope to see you all in Genk.

Photo's are already on the wiki page.

Kind regards,
Lars Blockken

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