[Ubuntu-be] IRC meeting 10/02/2010 - report

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Thu Feb 11 20:42:35 GMT 2010

IRC meeting 10/02/2010 – Report

Present at the meeting (in random order) : XiaoShiZi, wamukota, JanC, 
pvandewijngaerde, nero_, jean7491, mimor, Gh0sty, guydup, bbartek

1. Past and future events

a. Dipro Kortrijk 07/02 - report

Report and pictures are already in the wiki.

Although only 3 volunteers, everything was OK. Thanks to an initial 
stock of 50 home-burned CD's, we have not wasted our time with copying 
cd’s and we were always available for the visitors.

How much cost such CD’s ? (prices from the last Dipro) 100 CD-R’s for 21 
euro + 100 CD sleeves for 2 euro + cost burning CD’s (?) + printing 
sleeves (?) + time (?) = probably 0,25 to 0,35 euro/CD. Pressing our own 
around 0.50 euro, Canonical shop is 0.93 euro/CD.

Ubuntu-be should buy a stock of blanco CD-R’s and blanco CD sleeves. The 
promotion kit for teams organizing booths should include 50 blanco 
CD-R’s + sleeves, posters and flyers.

b. Fosdem 2010

We got some nice help from people from ubuntu-nl ("ertai") & ubuntu-ie 
(Laura Czajkowski) at the booth.

After the inventory is done, JanC will write the report, including 
lessons learned for next year, and add links to pictures in the wiki page.

c. Antwerp - Hobby & computerdays - 20–21/02/2010

In cooperation with HCC regio Vlaanderen


We still need additional volunteers for Sunday 21/02.

nero_, our "HCC contact", will inform guydup (guy op linux-service.be) 
about exact hour for delivering (on Saturday) and pickup (on Sunday) of 
the multiseat computer, parking information and a phone number from the 

Need 6 chairs or 2 benches for the people working on the multiseat.

How many CD’s to be prepared : likely 2 x 50 with sleeves. Some CD’s and 
sleeves are available in Ostend and can be brought by JanC to Antwerp, 
with the stock available for selling.

d. Dipro Brugge 28/02

For now, 3 volunteers in the team (wiki) : we need additional 
volunteers, if possible, involving new people. Preparation : see 

e. Dipro Charleroi 07/03

See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BelgianTeam/ComputerFairs/Charleroi_2010-03-07

f. The digital week 06-12/03

On 11/02 Ubuntu-be will be present in Ostend with a booth (forum-room 
bibliotheek Kris Lambert) http://zandletters.be/spip.php?article150 and 
see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BelgianTeam/DigitalWeek-Ostend_2010-03-11
Additional volunteers are welcome.

2. Promotion material

Comment about the proposal to burn CD's for Ubuntu-be ? See last week 
reports (in the wiki)

On 05/02 Steven Leeman wrote some details about Hardy Heron CD's, link 
to http://www.kopieer-cd.be/prijzen/cd-produceren-prijsklasse.jsp and 
the fact that no sponsor logo was used, only url's.

Guy said he wants to buy at least 200 CD's if we press our own and 
MarkVDB also said he wants to buy or pay for some.

Through IRC meetings, we can discuss in group the basic need : what? how 
many? When?, ..., but we need a small group collecting and investigating 
informations. We should ask a dedicated team to compare the 
possibilities and to make concrete proposals, including prices-offers.

Then we can take a decision.

Who is volunteer to lead the team ?

bbartek can still do some work like driving to Germany to deliver the 
master CD or something like that but has no time to lead a project. Last 
week, Adcomp proposed his help for creating the ISO.

3. Support points map status

No new information, mongolito404 is not present.

4. Things living in the mailing list

a. As already mentioned last week, we should find new ways/events to 
promote Ubuntu: all suggestions are welcome!

Wamukota suggested Ubuntu-be participation in all kind of open-doors 
organized by schools : we can extend this suggestion to all kind of 
hobby fairs locally organized by associations or cities.

local initiative is the cornerstone of success : everybody can look for 
contact and propose activities

b. About the procedure for re-approval-application : the LoCo Council 
meeting about the Re-Approval of our LoCo team is planned on 16/02 at 
21.00 hr. all members of the loco team are invited to take part to the 
meeting on irc #ubuntu-meeting.

The draft is available in the wiki 
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BelgianTeam/ReapprovalApplication2010-Draft, it 
can be amended till 12/02.

c. Suggestion of a monthly report (JanC) : was supposed to be discuss 
during Fosdem – the item will be review at the next meeting


5. Next meeting on 17/02/2010 at 21 h.

Ubuntu Belgium Events Team

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