[Ubuntu-be] An idea for extra representations

Jean7491 Jean7491 at free.fr
Tue Feb 9 22:41:38 GMT 2010

Hi to all,

Ubuntu-be should indeed broaden the promotional activity to other kinds 
of events aiming to reach a larger public.
Through the organization of booths in Open-door days in school, we could 
aim the promotion towards childeren, students, parents and families. 
Teachers and school personal are likely less interested by our 
promotion, due to MS dominance.
Another possibility is the organization of a booth in (small scale) 
hobby fairs organized by local organizations.
And there are likely other possibilities ...
In all suggestions, local initiative is the cornerstone of success : if 
you know opportunities  where Ubuntu-be could organize a 
information-booth, please  pass  the information  through the mailing 
list or personal messages.

Ubuntu Belgium Events Team

Alain Baudrez a écrit :
> Hello,
> Besides the Dipro fair where we are a regular participant, we need to 
> broaden our horizon in order to promote FOSS and Ubuntu in particular.
> The Dipro fairs are nice, but during the last years the impact, and 
> popularity of those fairs has gone downhill. It is becoming an 
> exclusive hardware fair where our stand is the only software related 
> one. This is nice, because we attract attention that way, but OTOH the 
> visitors to the Dipro's are more hardware than software inclined.
> I was thinking that, as most of our members are still student or 
> parents with school going children and some or teachers that it must 
> be possible to open a small Ubuntu stand during the open-deur dagen in 
> your or your children's schools. Maybe that is something that you 
> should inject as an agenda point in the different school committees 
> such as the ouderraad . Organizers of such a stand would be 
> logistically supported by the events team with material and eventually 
> manpower. With over 400 'steunpunten' if a mere 10% joins the project, 
> we have approx. 40 extra representations.
> Studenten en/of ouders van studenten of onderwijzend personneel kan 
> eventueel gebruik maken van de 'open-deur' dagen om er een Ubuntu 
> stand op te zetten. Support zou dezelfde zijn als deze voor een stand 
> op een dipro fair.
> Des étudiants, leur parents ou des instituteurs pourraient profiter 
> des journées portes-ouvertes pour y placer un Ubuntu-stand. Le soutien 
> logistic serait le mêmem que pour les fairs dipro.
> A.J. Baudrez

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