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Jan Zegers jan.zegers at telenet.be
Tue Feb 9 20:38:05 GMT 2010

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guy duportail wrote:
> On Tuesday 09 February 2010 10:10:54 Alain Baudrez wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Besides the Dipro fair where we are a regular participant, we need to
>> broaden our horizon in order to promote FOSS and Ubuntu in particular.
>> The Dipro fairs are nice, but during the last years the impact, and
>> popularity of those fairs has gone downhill. It is becoming an exclusive
>> hardware fair where our stand is the only software related one. This is
>> nice, because we attract attention that way, but OTOH the visitors to the
>> Dipro's are more hardware than software inclined.
>> I was thinking that, as most of our members are still student or parents
>> with school going children and some or teachers that it must be possible to
>> open a small Ubuntu stand during the open-deur dagen in your or your
>> children's schools. Maybe that is something that you should inject as an
>> agenda point in the different school committees such as the ouderraad .
>> Organizers of such a stand would be logistically supported by the events
>> team with material and eventually manpower. With over 400 'steunpunten' if
>> a mere 10% joins the project, we have approx. 40 extra representations.
>> Studenten en/of ouders van studenten of onderwijzend personneel kan
>> eventueel gebruik maken van de 'open-deur' dagen om er een Ubuntu stand op
>> te zetten. Support zou dezelfde zijn als deze voor een stand op een dipro
>> fair.
>> Des étudiants, leur parents ou des instituteurs pourraient profiter des
>> journées portes-ouvertes pour y placer un Ubuntu-stand. Le soutien logistic
>> serait le mêmem que pour les fairs dipro.
>> A.J. Baudrez
> That is correct.Schools do not use opensource software because they do not 
> know it.
> I see that the frequent "ictdag.be" get's more than 300 visitors for different 
> session.But this event is mostly sponsored by MS.
> Next Ict-praktijkdag is on 25 may in Ghent.Can someone ask price for a session 
> of 2.5 h or a small 20 min session or expo stand for ubuntu, so I can examine 
> for sponsoring this.
> gd

All the info has already been sent to the list some time ago...


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