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Steven Leeman steven at leeman.be
Fri Feb 5 10:29:49 GMT 2010

perhaps this might be interesting:
0,50 euro/ cd (when ordering 2000) -> instead of a jewelcase it will be a
card wallet...which is nice
0.25 euro if it's in a paper sleeve... (5000 pieces)

For the Hardy release party cdroms (
2000 cdroms were made (1000 for belgium, 1000 for amsterdam Hardy release
by Bernard Demarsin, MJK Disc Productions
Tel: +32 016893735, Fax +32 024007254
I don't know it's final price back then.... but on the website it's current
prices seem to be between 650euro-900euro depending on some factors
(packaging?) http://www.kopieer-cd.be/prijzen/cd-produceren-prijsklasse.jsp
I do know that originally "logo's" were offered  to be put on the cdrom
covers from the "sponsors"... but in the end it were the "url's" of their
websites...perhaps to lower the price some more? People could pay 2-4euro
for a cdrom  and thus donate in their own way.
I'm not sure if Ubuntu has a tax number to detract BTW/tax when ordering? so
you might need to add that as well (most of these prices are excl tax)

If I order via the website of canonical... I notice the lowest price is for
200 cd's (186,06euro).... even if I make 5 quantities for that (1000cd) I
notice it will still cost me +-0,93029 euro/cd .... shipment seems to be
free when logging in for Belgium....

So basicly you will sponsor Ubuntu... I'm not sure about "EU import" taxes
that might be added at the border...
they are send from south-africa?


On Fri, Feb 5, 2010 at 10:46 AM, Jan Bongaerts <jbongaerts at gmail.com> wrote:

> Sorry I'm sharing my opinion via this mail. I am never available on a
> Wednesday night to participate to the meeting.
> about topic 2 (the ubuntu CD):
> a) the wiki talks about 919 Euro for 1000 CDs. Canonical sells their CDs
> for far less (158 Euro for 200 CDs). I think they deserve our support.
> b) If we decide to make a local CD, I would NOT outsource the work outside
> to Morocco, China, or other countries. It beats the object of going local.
> If a local option is not feasible, why not outsource it to Canonical? Has
> anyone tried to ask them?
> Just my 2 cents.
> Regards,
> Jan.
> On Thu, Feb 4, 2010 at 11:32 PM, Jean7491 <Jean7491 at free.fr> wrote:
>> IRC meeting 03/02/2010 – Report
>> Present at the meeting (in random order) : mongolito404, mimor, nero_,
>> wamukota, jean7491, JanC, ADcomp, mandel, selckin
>> 1. Past and Future events
>> a. Dipro Ghent 31/01- report
>> Report and pictures are already in the wiki.
>> In his report, kws had some ideas about the repetition of Dipro fairs
>> especially in Ghent : 4 fairs in 1 year is perhaps too much. Firstly we
>> can skip the Dipro Ghent on 18/04.
>> We should find new ways/events to promote Ubuntu: Accenta-fair (thanks
>> Digipolis Ghent) seemed to be a good example. All suggestions are
>> welcome ! Participation to the Digital Week through local initiative ?
>> For more events, we should find a way to put the emphases on
>> collaboration with existing groups. HCC invited us on their booth at
>> Antwerp Dipro (20-21/02). Maybe we should seek for more collaboration
>> like this (with LUG's or other computer clubs).
>> About cost of the booth and CD's, we need a cheaper solution for
>> (Ubuntu) CD's.
>> b. Dipro Kortrijk 07/02
>> The team is at minimum level with 3 volunteers (yanu, wamukota and
>> jean7491)
>> We still need additional volunteers, but it seems hopeless!
>> No problem of preparation, just a few coordination.
>> c. Fosdem 2010 06-07/02
>> T-shirts, stickers, mouse mats, mugs, lanyards & keychains and ad-hoc
>> flyers are available.
>> Hardware : JanC - EEE 900 + Tux Droid, mongolito404 – idem + laptop? +
>> Tux Droid, Adcomp - Acer Aspire one + dev board (arm processor) +
>> touchscreen 4.3”
>> d. Antwerp, Hobby & computerdagen (20-21/02) In cooperation with HCC
>> regio Vlaanderen.
>> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BelgianTeam/ComputerFairs/Antwerp_2010-02-20_21
>> nero_ (coordinator) will be present both days.
>> We still need additional volunteers (2 each day) : wiki is updated with
>> (JanC and Ward) (Jan B.?)
>> e. Dipro Brugge 28/02
>> See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BelgianTeam/ComputerFairs/Brugge_2010-02-28
>> The preparation will start in the next days.
>> 2. Promotion
>> a. Material - Proposal to burn CD's for Ubuntu-be
>> See last week report (in the wiki).
>> Who will be in charge of this project ? Adcomp can help for creating
>> ISO, if needed. The main thing to decide currently is how to finance it
>> (both burning & pressing) : sponsoring is one way (we are sure about
>> this income), making people to pay for is another (we hope to succeed!).
>> Other possibility : no CD, but usbkey : better but more expensive !
>> We need more information about past experience with sponsors and
>> covering the cost for 8.04LTS CD's in 2008. Of course, we would have to
>> look for other sponsors.
>> Perhaps there is a possibility for CD4s from Marocco : again we need
>> more information (and guarantee).
>> b. mimor suggests better contacts with bloggers-Ubunteros in Belgium :
>> he will try to gather the Ubuntu blogging Belgians, as a start to pull
>> Belgian Ubuntu users closer to the Ubuntu-be community.
>> 3. Support points map status
>> mongolito404 has something ready to test (not map, just list), need an
>> host where to host a test site PHP 5.2+ , and testers to test the stuff
>> when installed. selckin and mandel made propositions to help mongoliti404.
>> 4. Things living in the mailing list
>> a. The procedure for re-approval-application is started : the LoCo
>> council meeting about the re-approval of our LoCo Team is planned on
>> Tuesday 16/02 at 21.00 hr (Belgian time). All members of the LoCo Team
>> are invited to take part to the meeting on IRC #ubuntu-meeting.
>> The draft of the re-approval application is available in the wiki
>> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BelgianTeam/ReapprovalApplication2010-Draft, but
>> not complete. It is only related to the activities in which the Belgian
>> LoCo Team was involved.
>> Questions : What were the actions of Ubuntu-be in relation with
>> "non-profit, and inter-governmental institutions" since 2006 ? What
>> about schools ?
>> JanC will continue to gather information during Fosdem 2010.
>> b. Suggestion of a monthly report (JanC)
>> Two advantages : regularly summary of Ubuntu-be life, and our activities
>> will be more visible for the Ubuntu community, but more work !
>> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TeamReports
>> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BuildingCommunity/TeamReporting/HowTo
>> Is there a volunteer ? It looks more like repeating copy/pasting every
>> month and probably wiki markup cleanup. A motivated person with some
>> spare time could probably do it. The idea is not to have a single person
>> responsible of reporting everything in the wiki !
>> 5. Next meeting on 10/02/2010 at 21 h.
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