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Pierre Buyle mongolito404+ubuntu-be at gmail.com
Thu Sep 3 11:57:04 BST 2009


The latest discussions about a forums have raised in discussions about
attending meetings. Many people in favor of a forum have already said
that they could not attend IRC meetings regardless of the day and time
for various reason. If we these people in favor of a forum coming to
an IRC meeting to discuss the question of having a meeting, there is a

The arguments in favor of a forum are scattered in many threads in the
mailing list. So its hard to gather them and discuss them in a IRC
Meeting, especially for those who don't feel like a forum is needed.

This is a clear illustration of two issues highlighted by many
pro-forum (and others)
- discussions/information scattering in too many mailing list threads
- near-impossibility to discuss "important" item before
action/decision because of the need to be present at the IRC meetings

To help solve the former, one big advantage of a forum is the ability
for moderators to re-order messages in threads after they have posted.
Which means that messages on a single subject scattered across many
unrelated thread/topics can be gathered as a new one.

For the later, we could probably come with a scheme to use either the
mailinglist or a forum to discuss an agenda item before a meeting. At
the meeting, attenders can then only acknowledge the vote/decision
made in the forum or the mailing list. For many decision we could
probably also use the poll feature of Launchpad, allowing members to
vote for propositions. See for instance the poll I just created at

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