[Ubuntu-be] Reliability of the Ubuntu-be support points map

jean7491 jean7491 at free.fr
Sun Oct 25 11:15:02 GMT 2009

Hi to all,

The Support points net is a key element of the Ubuntu-be action. On the 
website, I read :
"The goal of the ubuntu-be.org-team is to motivate the growth of the 
ecosystem of the people ... using Ubuntu in and around Belgium. 
Therefore, we follow a two track policy : 1. Things like introductory 
sessions and demonstration, when localisation is the key factor, are to 
be handled by ubuntu-be.org volunteers. ..."

But there are difficulties with the update of the Support points map.
In the last IRC meeting report, I wrote the following about the Support 
points and their reliability :

"As already stated, we need to update the support map as the lack of 
reaction of support points gives a negative image of Ubuntu community."

As far as I know, we have no idea about how many requests are sent to 
the support points and how many answered.
Likely only a minority of people who did not received any answer are 
sending claims to other contacts in Ubuntu-be.

Here 2 recent examples of claims I was informed about:

Op 23 oktober 2009 15:25 heeft John ... het volgende geschreven:
 >> Ik heb al twee steunpunten gemaild voor ondersteuning voor een 
 >> in Depenbeek (Limburg). Ik krijg geen antwoord, misschien is uw 
 >> niet in orde...
 >Antwoord: We zijn ons bewust van de gebrekkige kwaliteitscontrole 
binnen het
 >huidige steunpuntensysteem. We zoeken naar een oplossing, maar die is
 >er nog niet.

Op 04 oktober 2009 15:25 heeft Paul ... het volgende geschreven:
 >>Ik heb een mailformulier ingevuld voor Vrije Vogel te Marke – 
Kortrijk daar
 >> die persoon dicht bij mij woont…
 >> Heb echter nog geen reactie mogen ontvangen…
 >Antwoord: Het steunpuntensysteem heeft in zijn huidige vormen 
beperkingen qua
 >kwaliteitscontrole. We zijn ons daarvan bewust, en er wordt aan
 >gewerkt, maar we kunnen u op dit moment niet verder helpen.

In the same IRC meeting report :
"Pierre, who was managing the map, wrote :"The current site is a dead 
end." He does not have enough time at hand for another project based on 
drupal. His proposal is to remove the current map website. and 
eventually to use the actual database as it is. The removal of the 
current map without replacement could give a wrong idea of the 
willingness of Ubuntu-be to support newcomers. The availability of local 
help is is one of our best arguments to convince beginners. We should 
maintain a kind of support points network, where beginners can find help 
when needed. It should not be a one man task, but a team work of several 
people. Any comment? (in the mailing list)"

Everyone is concerned by solving this problem.
Feel free to comment this topic and to send your suggestion.
/Ubuntu Belgium Events Team/

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