[Ubuntu-be] IRC meeting report 14/10/2009

jean7491 jean7491 at free.fr
Wed Oct 14 22:31:43 BST 2009

IRC meeting report
Present at the IRC meeting 14/10/2009 (in random order) : JanC, 
jean7491, hfsdo, selckin, GrayFox

1. Past and future events
a. Dipro Charleroi 11/10 - report with pictures is in the wiki
According to information we received, it was a positive experience of 
cooperation with a local lug: it can be repeated if we found motivated 
and active lug's (almost in the French speaking part) for other events.
b. Next events in October (Dipro Ostend, Oostmalle)
- Dipro Ostend 18/10 - we still need volunteers for the booth, but can 
run the booth with 3 identifiedparticipants
- Dipro Oostmalle 25/10
Calls for help has been posted in our mailing list, through personal 
messages, in Ubuntu-nl forum and the NoKeLu LUG mailing list, with 
fairly no reaction.
With only 2 volunteers, it is not possible to run the booth/ it is 
decided to cancel the participation to the Dipro fair in Oostmalle.
c. Next events in November (Dipro Ghent, Release Party Ghent, Dipro 
- Dipro fair in Ghent 08/11
We need a local coordinator from Ghent area. Who is candidate?
- Release party in Ghent 21/11
We have to start the preparation of the release party and we need 
volunteers helping for the organization/preparation of the party.
We need a working-group of volunteers in charge of the event, mike and 
schwarz_p are already in: who else? We hope this group will start working.
First questions to be answered by the working-group: what do we want to 
do? and which audience are we targeting? how many participants?
and only after having answers, where? and the content? The working-group 
can look for more contacts and propositions.
- Dipro fair Antwerp 29/11 - 2 names are already in the wiki and we 
found a coordinator, We hope other volunteers will appear.

2, Promotion material
a. Others ideas for promotion material? New ideas can be sent eventually 
through the mailing list.
b. Event boxes
- Ghent: the statute of the Event box has to be clarified: who is in 
- Antwerp: with the multiplication of events in Antwerp area, a new 
event box should be useful : it is worked on. We have desktops, but need 
some (2) lcd screens.

3. Things living in the Mailing List : Support points - reliability and 
As already stated, we need to update the support map as the lack of 
reaction by support points gives a negative image of ubuntu community. 
We have to do something like an update of the system. JanC has no 
information on this topic.

4. Next IRC meeting on 21/10/2009 at 21.00 h.
/Ubuntu Belgium Events Team/
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