[Ubuntu-be] Ubuntu (be) structure

Jan Claeys ubuntu at janc.be
Fri Nov 27 12:37:55 GMT 2009

Op woensdag 25-11-2009 om 23:44 uur [tijdzone -0800], schreef kennywest:
> As some of you know I will be giving a presentation in a few weeks
> about using Ubuntu on computers in public spaces (like a library or
> school, I guess).

And in "buurtcentra", homes for the elderly managed by the "OCMW", ...

> In these slides, I would also like to talk about how Ubuntu is
> structured in loco teams and what these loco teams are doing (or
> supposed to do :) ). 

LoCoTeams are groups of people who promote & support Ubuntu locally.
Currently there is a LoCoTeam per country, except in the US where there
is one per state (for those states that have one).

LoCoTeams that show sustained activity can ask to become an "Approved
LoCoTeam" (like we are), which gives them some benefits (like the box of
400 free CDs).

> So I know more or less how it all works, but I was wondering if there
> is some presentation out there that shows how Ubuntu, and more
> specifically Ubuntu-be is structured.

Currently ubuntu-be is not formally "structured", but of course there
are several people who have taken some responsibilities unto them.

Jan Claeys

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