[Ubuntu-be] IRC meeting report 11/11/2009

Jean7491 Jean7491 at free.fr
Fri Nov 13 14:43:43 GMT 2009

IRC meeting report
Present at the IRC meeting 11/11/2009 (in random order) : warddr, JanC, 
jean7491, siegie, guydup, hfsdo
1. Past and future events
 a. Dipro fair in Ghent on 08/11
The report has been added in the wiki 
The fair was a successful event with a lot of good contacts. The Ghent 
event-box has been completed with a lot of material. Thanks to all 
volunteers !
 b. Dipro fair Antwerp 29/11
The team will be coordinated by Bram. Additional volunteers are always 
welcome ! feel free to join the team !
 c. Dipro Genk 06/12
Lars is a volunteer for Genk, but he shouldn't be there alone. A call 
for volunteers will be posted in the mailing list. A call will be added 
in the forum Ubuntu-nl.
 d. Dipro fair Mechelen 13/12
nero is the first volunteer for this fair. Calls will be posted in the 
mailing list and in the forum Ubuntu-nl. HCC Vlanderen will be contacted.
 e. Meeting Digipolis on Openbaar Computer Ruimtes inn Ghent (before end 
We are looking for taking part to this meeting with a presentation about 
Ubuntu. Help for this meeting will be welcome.
 f. Future events in 2020
The Dipro calendar is not yet known.
We could start thinking about the next release party Lucid Lynx 10.04 
LTS, a  n eventually larger release party. Who is interested by the 
topic can post in the mailing list or contact the events team for 
exchange of ideas.
2. Promotion material
Two improved boxes are now located in Ghent and Antwerp, we can look for 
other boxes if there is a need elsewhere, not limited to Dipro fairs. 
The wiki will be updated later.
3. Things living in the mailing list
The problem of support points map remains without solution, although we 
receive remarks on each dipro fair about no answer from some support points.
4. Next IRC meeting on 18/11/2009 at 21 h.

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