[Ubuntu-be] Ubuntu-be re-activation / IRC meeting

Jan Claeys ubuntu at janc.be
Mon Mar 16 18:00:57 GMT 2009

Op maandag 16-03-2009 om 10:54 uur [tijdzone +0100], schreef Tom Van
> * Ok, allow me to propose an IRC meeting time, to get the IRC meeting
> time ideas flowing: how about every Sunday from 19h 'til 20h ?

Every week would be even "better" than every two weeks, but maybe it
will be too much for some people?  (of course nobody will be forced to
attend every week...)

We can decide on the exact frequency on the first IRC meeting.

> * I suggest drawing some attention to this meeting on the website,

Currently not many people look at the site often, I suspect (which is
something that must change).

>  and
> putting a Javascript-based IRC chat window on there (ideally, only
> visible during the meeting). That way, we keep the threshold to
> participate as low as possible.

Right, I have been thinking about using Mibbit already, or do you know
about any other solutions like that?

Pierre, do you know if there is a Drupal plugin for that, or do we have
to include it with HTML?

> * In general, I think it'll always be a challenge to keep this meeting
> short & focused - but it's certainly doable. Some idea's:
> - Keeping direction by appointing a meeting leader & a secretary.
> - Allowing people to edit the agenda for the meeting on a wiki, and
> sticking to that agenda while the meeting is in progress.
> - The meeting leader can put the agenda-topic in the IRC channel's topic
> to keep us from side tracking.

Yes, that's how most Ubuntu IRC meetings work.

I made a (still mostly empty) page for adding agenda topic here: 

Everybody feel free to add your topics!

Jan Claeys

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