[Ubuntu-be] Ubuntu-be re-activation / IRC meeting

Jan Claeys ubuntu at janc.be
Sat Mar 14 22:03:55 GMT 2009

Hello all,

It seems like Ubuntu-be has fallen asleep a bit...

I would like to see a bit more activity on this list and inside
ubuntu-be as a community in general:

      * More reporting on what happens locally (also things that happen
        inside LUGs etc.).  (BTW: this also includes announcing things
        beforehand on this list, which doesn't always happen now!),
      * More cooperation & coordination,
      * More exchange of ideas,
      * Possible activation of people on the "map" (who has access to
        that database?) for other tasks, e.g. release parties & fair
      * More life on the website (news items, etc.),
      * ...

I propose we start having regular IRC meetings to discuss & exchange
ideas.  My proposal would be to have meetings every 2 weeks, but I would
like your input on when would be the best time for these?

What do you all think?

(Please send all your ideas, even if you're not sure they are weird or
possible ;-) )

Jan Claeys

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