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Ben Bridts ben at bridts.be
Sun Mar 8 20:32:31 GMT 2009

mongolito404 wrote:
> Hoi,
> Today I updated the website to the latest Drupal (6.10) and installed
> some additional modules. [...] Below the usual Drupal
> login box, you should have a "Launchpad Login" one with a single "Log
> in" button to send you to a login page on Launchpad. Currently it
> doesn't work for me, after the confirmation of my identity on LP,
> Drupal doesn't recognize me (but it does work when I use the Drupal
> Login box with my LP OpenID). I'm interested to know if it works for
> you.
It works for me
> As usual, feedbacks are welcome. With additional bonus when done
> through Launchpad's bugs tracker.
URL to bug tracker (for all the lazy people out there :-P): https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-belgium

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