[Ubuntu-be] Posters needed for retailer in Geraardsbergen

Glenn South fc243265 at skynet.be
Wed Jun 24 16:47:39 BST 2009

My Friends,

1. Who is now in charge of our loco team?

2. As some of Jou know, my medical condition is worsening, and is
hampering my ability to evolve with Ubuntu, and the loco team in it's
entirety with fairs and release parties. Though I have learned so much
alone, there is much to do yet in fixing things through trial and error.

I have been given one year to make some life choices, an operation that
could go either way. This is why I can't walk to our meeting place in
South Brussels recently.

3. Good news! houston-it in Geraardsbergen and I are working very hard
in the promotion of Ubuntu 9.04 which is a tremendous progress forward
in operating systems. Any posters, old or new, Only one if Jou have one
handy would be nice if you could send me one for his store windows. He
is extremely qualified and certified in the usuals, windows, norton, and
knows the old linux, but we are crash coursing together with debian.

I'll be needing a few direct GSM, phone numbers, emails, and one
programmer for us to put the next logical steps together for the
promotions and ideas we have for this local community.

Bernard has a wonderful personality, great salesmanship and quality
business sense. He is fluent, in all three basic languages, the usual
Belgium, Francais, and English.

Contact information for sales products, HP, Compac, etc and peripherals:
Bernard Van Wonterghem - closed maandags
Website: http://www.houston-it.be A newer website going up looks great
with straight forward navigation, I'll be checking his spelling and
structure, lol

Inquiries for prices on personal or corporate bidding, and things we
might need to borrow for a show down here in the boondocks,
info at houston-it.be

Let us welcome another strong arm in the incredible world of the Ubuntu
Loco team Belgium.

I will be registering him for the newsletter following this email.

4. I really need someone on a one on one day to help me. Of course, my
five star cooking in a relaxed atmosphere would be your reward for a
casual Q and A session. Plus hopefully Bernard and I can schedule the
first certification classes. But his store is a new start up he is
covered up, due to two other stores who can't handle what the world
really wants.

If you can call me for some of these requirements, I'm here all the time
at home. GSM 0499.12.46:31 email above

Thanks, Dank u well, Merci
Glenn South - Ligaya Pechardo - Bernard Van Wonterghem

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