[Ubuntu-be] My introduction to the community...

mario mario at verbelen.org
Sat Jun 13 08:42:55 BST 2009

Hi Steven,

Waarom gebruik je geen debian voor je server?
Ubuntu is zo stabiel omdat het gemaakt is van debian

Voor de desktop is dan ubuntu weer beter

   Everything is a file!

On Sat, 2009-06-13 at 02:37 +0200, Steven De Baets wrote:
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> Hi everybody,
> I am new in the community so I was asked to introduce myself to the
> other members...
> I am Steven De Baets, born in 1975, originally from Aalter, but now I
> live in Ghent. I'm married to Sheila and we have no kids, but we do
> have an English Cocker Spaniel called "Louis".
> I studied architecture at Sint-Lucas in Ghent and have been a
> professional snooker player in a previous life.
> I am currently a self-employed designer / project developer and energy
> advisor (EPC) and I'm in the second year of my real estate agent studies.
> I have been a Linux-user for quite some time now, so I thought the
> time had come to actively advocate and market the use of linux and
> open and free software.
> Distros I have used: Red Hat Linux - Fedora - SuseLinux - OpenSuse -
> Mandrake - Mandriva - gOs - Mint - PCLinux - Crunchbang and last but
> not least Ubuntu (from version 5.04).
> In the office in I have put up a Ubuntu-server with 3 Ubuntu clients.
> My main goal in the community is to spread the word, distribute and
> install Ubuntu, give support to people coming from other platforms,
> design marketing material and help the translation team.
> I'm also working on a Linux beginners guide in dutch.
> I like Ubuntu, because it is one of the most stable and intuitive
> distros out there. It is easy to learn and in my opinion it has the
> potential to make people take the leap and turn their backs on an
> expensive and never ending story of viruses and black screens of death
> called windows.
> I hope I can really help the community and add to the number of Linux-
> and open source users that way.
> If you came this far reading all of the above, I have to thank you for
> letting me waste your time ;) ...
> Kindest regards,
> Steven De Baets.
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