[Ubuntu-be] stuff to sell at FOSDEM (was: FOSDEM booth)

guy duportail guy at linux-service.be
Wed Jan 21 19:58:19 GMT 2009

I can.I have account there.How much will it be?
Let me know.

Op woensdag 21 januari 2009 20:37, schreef Jan Claeys:
> Op woensdag 21-01-2009 om 19:09 uur [tijdzone +0100], schreef Cedric
> Janssens:
> > Still possible to join the order ?
> Yes, but I want the order to go through this evening, if possible.
> Also, I'm looking for somebody with a credit card who can also receive
> the order (they insist on the billing & shipping name/address being the
> same; I don't have a credit card and their debet card support doesn't
> work with Belgian Maestro cards... :-( ).
> Note that this would also involve tracking the order and contacting
> Canonical Shop to remove items that are out of stock etc. (we don't want
> this to arrive too late for FOSDEM!).
> If anybody can help, or any person known inside ubuntu-be still wants to
> order something, maybe come to IRC #ubuntu-be to chat.
> --
> Jan Claeys

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