[Ubuntu-be] iedereenonline.be / tousenligne.be PCs: where is Linux ?

Y P yellow.penguin at edpnet.be
Thu Dec 24 10:57:48 GMT 2009

Hi Jan:

On Thu, Dec 24, 2009 at 02:35:41AM +0100, Jan Claeys wrote:
> Op woensdag 23-12-2009 om 14:34 uur [tijdzone +0100], schreef Y P:
> > IMHO it's an easy way politics does like to repush the responsibility
> > of those faults to another, here in this case they doesn't choosed the
> > software offered, but they does accept to contribute in it! so this is
> > a support of those non-free solutions, wheneven they do write you that
> > it's the responsibility of the firms that were proposing the
> > solutions. 
> Actually, as Mila Druwe says, the government is not allowed to
> push/force a particular proposal (that would be against fair
> compatition).

I've no asked to push one or another proposition,
I just said it is not done that they push ONE and ONLY, implicitely, by
ignoring alternate offers based on Mac or Linux:
if they are not the reseller themselve, they can (will) as gov inform the
citizens about available alternatives. 

> They can set some objective criteria though.
> E.g. once the government finally moves over to ODF as the only real open
> document format (as there exist no implementations of OOXML, and
> probably never will), then the government can require compatibility with
> ODF (so that people can communicate with the government efficiently).

Mmm, sorry, IMHO this is another issue: for now the most important thing is
- we do need to inform the minister's department (fedict) about those wrong
- ask for implementing thos task by providing information on all the
concerned sites, because there are Mac and Linux solutions near Windows.
Mery Xmas Jan.

Y)ellow P)enguin

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