[Ubuntu-be] IRC meeting 2/12/2009 - report

Jean7491 Jean7491 at free.fr
Thu Dec 3 17:16:24 GMT 2009

IRC meeting report
Present at the IRC meeting 02/12/2009 (in random order) :  LarsB, 
OLD-Hans, mongolito404, jean7491, rossemiel, JanC, XiaoShiZi, jurgentje, 

1. Past and future events
 a. Dipro fair Antwerp on 29/11
It was a successful event, perhaps not enough hardware to burn cd's.

 b. Dipro Genk on 6/12
The preparation is going well, the booth will be manned by 4 volunteers, 
detail coordination has to be done.

 c. Dipro Mechelen 13/12
The preparation is going well, detail coordination about people and 
material has to be done.

 d. Meeting OCR's (Digipolis) Ghent 14/12  OCR=Openbaar Computer Ruimtes
Kenneth is in charge. Additional information, experience or suggestion 
about the OCR's could be useful : how can we promote Ubuntu ? What can 
Ubuntu (and the FOSS) bring to OCR's organizators and users ?  
XiaoShiZi: (Lionel) proposed his help.

 e. Program Dipro 2010 (Jan. and Feb.)
Hasselt on 24/1, Gent on 31/1 and Kortijk on 07/2

2. Promotion material, event boxes and other ideas : nothing

3. Support points map status
mongolito404 started to work on a new support points map. The goal for 
the first version is have the features on the current map.ubuntu-be.org 
except the map itself:
 - user registration/authenticiation (handled by Drupal)
 - a user can assert his/her commitments (demo, install, distribute), 
becoming a supporter
 - a supporter can assert the language(s) he/she speaks
 - a supporter can assert his/her level of expertise (beginner, 
intermediate, expert)
 - a visitor can search supporter to selected commitments (or all)
 - support search result is displayed as a list
 - a visitor can mail a supporter though a contact form (with some form 
a spam protection)

The current code is available at 
Developer are invited to contribute any way they can. The current state 
of the code is not suitable for non-developer. Next week, mongolito404 
will try to provide an installation guide targeted at developer without 
Drupal knowledge. At this state of the project, the skills needed to 
contribute are minimum knowledge of PHP and some experience with code 
versioning (svn, git, bzr, etc.). Experience with Drupal, both as 
developer or as web master is a plus but not required.

Useful resources for developer are
 - http://bazaar-vcs.org/ - The version control system for the project
 - http://drupal.org/getting-started/before - Understanding Drupal
 - http://drupal.org/contributors-guide - Developing for Drupal

*Anyone interested to help can contact mongolito404 on Jabber or IRC (in 
4. Things living in the mailing list : nothing

5. Next IRC meeting :  9/12/2009 at 21.00 h.(met JanC)

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