[Ubuntu-be] Ubuntu-be IRC meeting 26/08/2009 at 21 h. cancelled

Matthew Deboysere matthew at next-games.nl
Fri Aug 28 09:50:22 BST 2009

We already discussed this topic and that’s why there is this mailing list. It works exactly the same way, but here we are e-mailing.


If you really want a forum, why don’t you try this one?






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2009/8/28 ivan flo ivan op hetmosterdzaadje.be

Mine's simple, I have also a family life.
Therefore I asked to ask for a forum.
Then I can login on a more convenient time, and answer to what concerns me.


I concur with ivan,


I find a forum a much better medium that an IRC chat. First of, the timing.  Unless we do it somewhere around 2 AM in the morning, people will have something else to do at 9 PM on a wednesday evening, like wachting football, evening classes, watch TV with the misses of the house, ...


A forum OTOH gives me the freedom to join whatever topic at a more convenient time, while benefitting from the history of the discussion in the previous forum postings.


By having members-only and non-members/closed boards on the forum, we can read what the non-members would like while maintaining the privacy (if needed) of closed boards for discussing the new topics.

Jean would not be tied to his computer every weekend, and would also have a better view on what topics to be discussed, instead of mainly 'the events' 


This doesn't mean that the bi-weekly IRC meeting should be terminated, but at least those not familiar with RC (many new users are from the MSN generation) or those just logged in on the chat channel would have an extra medium to interact with us.


I think that the next IRC meeting should have the topic 'a forum setup or not' set as an agenda point.

Being an admin on the Dutch PClinuxOS forum, I will gladly take the role of a mod if one is needed.



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