[Ubuntu-be] Proposal for new posters and flyers for Ubuntu-be

jean7491 jean7491 at free.fr
Wed Aug 5 14:16:13 BST 2009

Hi to all,

Since 15/05 we are debating the proposal to print 250 new posters (A2)
and 5000 flyers (A6) for Ubuntu-be for a price of +/- 250 euros (both in

The proposed poster and flyer have been improved in accordance with the
comments of the mailing list.
As there are no objections and a lot of positive comments, I think there
is a consensus on this proposal and we can go on with the printing.

I hope the new products will be available for the Dipro fair in Ghent on

Before to order the products, I need the formal approval of the
treasurer of the LoCo Team for this operation.

Additionally, some people started to pre-order posters : my suggestion
is that the payment occurs on the account of Ubuntu-be before the
delivery of the posters.

/Ubuntu Belgium Events Team/
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