[Ubuntu-be] Pre-orders for new posters Ubuntu-be

jean7491 jean7491 at free.fr
Mon Aug 3 21:54:14 BST 2009

Hi to all,

As suggested by François, I come back with the proposal of pre-orders
for the new posters (model (dutch) below): the idea is to increase the
amount of ordered posters for a lower price/piece.

If we order 250 ex., the (sell) price for 1 poster will be 1,50 euro,
for a pre-order of 10 to 30 pieces, decreasing for more.

For a global order of 1000 ex., the price for 1 poster will be reduced
(0,75 euro for 10 to 30, decreasing for more posters), but we need much
more pre-orders. 

Please let me know _(before 10/08/2009)_ how many posters A2-Nl you are
willing to (pre-)order posters with a minimum of 10 !

Exact price will be determined by the volume of the order. If enough
pre-orders, we can order 500, 750, 1000 posters, or more ...

If there is a need for the French version of the poster, it is also
possible if enough pre-orders.
/Ubuntu Belgium Events Team/

François Cauwe a écrit :
> I don't disagree that you should print new ones, it's good to have 
> different things.
> BUT maybe you can find people that what to buy a large amount of them, 
> which reduces the price for everybody.
> I remember that the first 250 were the most expencive ones, trying to 
> print more would not be a bat idea.
> You could do preorders starting from now for 10 days, and maybe you can 
> make a financial zero opperation like last time?
> If you don't try, you wont know! If you want to do make it happen, it's 
> important to poke people personally to get a better response :)
> I think the money mather is detail, you last mail got *enough positive 
> response to go ahead* imho.
> But _I would still ask around to see if nobody is interested to buy  a 
> large amount_ (like 100/250)? Maybe some people want to distribute them?
> I remember that we sold a package of 250 on fosdem the first year.
> We also put no reference on purpose, so we could exchange the with our 
> ubuntu-nl collegeas, it is up to you to see what's best.
> good luck!
> François
> jean7491 schreef:
>> Hi to all,
>> My point of view about posters is different : I consider posters as a 
>> support for the promotion of Ubuntu in places like fairs, public 
>> events, and other activities.
>> The aim is to present an eye-catcher  for the public  passing by a 
>> booth, facilitating contacts.
>> The decoration of a booth requires several posters of different 
>> designs (old + new).
>> For this reason, we need additional posters, but only a small amount 
>> of  posters (250 ex. see below), but more often new  models.
>> If additionally we can sell posters, that's better !    But we don't 
>> need buyers before to start printing. 
>> About timing, we need (old and new) posters and flyers for the Dipro 
>> fairs in september : I hope a clear decision from the treasurer on 
>> this matter within the next 10 days, before introducing the order. 
>> Jean
>> François Cauwe a écrit :
>>> Hello Everybody,
>>> I would like to point out that the old Poster was already payed before 
>>> we made them,
>>> This means, we sold 250 for 60€ to several people, and also sold before 
>>> the start already almost 2000 of them.
>>> Please look for buyers before you start to print.
>>> François


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