[Ubuntu-be] IRC meeting on 22/04/2009 - Report

jean7491 jean7491 at free.fr
Thu Apr 23 21:47:19 BST 2009

Here the report of the last IRC meeting.
Next IRC meeting on Wednesday 29/04/2009 at 21 h. on #ubuntu-be --

resent at the IRC meeting 22/04/2009 (in random order) :
JanC, jean7491, pvandewyngaerde, Gh0sty, mimor, nightrid3r,
carldieryckx, benwa

1. Release Jaunty Jackalope 9.04 in Ghent
Suggested dates are 9/05 and 16/05. Audience approx. 20 from Ubuntu-be.
Location : mimor will meet the Curieuzeneuze's boss on Saturday 25/04
evening to arrange the event.
More information will then be sent later to the Mailing-List, and
eventually on IRC #Ubuntu-be.

2. Dipro fair in Antwerpen on 24/05/2009
Based on Dipro Ghent experience, we need 6 people at the booth from 10
to 14h. Later a reduce team is enough.
We are looking for 3 additional volunteers (09.30 to 14h.) from
Antwerpen region.

Looking at the available maps, Ubuntu-Be in Antwerpen area : 4 members
(2 are already in Dipro team) and 28 support points. At Ubuntu-Nl side :
22 members and 2 support points.

Next week, the Events-team starts request for help with mail in the
Mailing List and to 28 support points in and around Antwerpen. Later we
will try through Ubuntu-Nl forum.
Details for the preparation are in the wiki :

3. Other Events
After Dipro fair in Antwerpen on 24/05, the next fairs are in September
(Hasselt, Ghent,   Antwerpen). Information about new events can be
posted in the Mailing List, before addition in the wiki/Chronology of
future events.

4. Cleaning/update Ubuntu-be website and wiki
We should continue with improving the website through bug-reports
https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-belgium  and cleaning the wiki.
Before writing a bug report, have a look at the already reported bugs.
On the Website : calendar/events addition is planned.

Proposals (with argumentation) to change the wiki can be added at the
same place as IRC suggested topics :

5. Next IRC meeting
Wednesday  29/04/2009 at 21h.

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