[Ubuntu-be] IRC meeting on 15/04/2009 - Report

jean7491 jean7491 at free.fr
Sat Apr 18 22:09:55 BST 2009

Here the report of the last IRC meeting.
Next IRC meeting on Wednesday 22/04/2009 at 21 h. on #ubuntu-be --

Present at the IRC meeting 15/04/2009 (in random order) :
JanC, jean7491, mongolito404, pvandewyngaerde, siegie, Gh0sty, profoX,

1. Possible Release Jaunty Jackalope 9.04 in Ghent
Limited information but new contacts with members in Gent area are
ongoing and developed through an IRC meeting on 16/04. Action through
the Mailing-List to fix the date.

2.Release Party in Hasselt on 25/04
Although this Release Party has been organized by the computer club
BitMappers without contact with Ubuntu-be, we will take contact with the
organisator and help promoting the event (wiki, Mailing List,
Better contact with other computer clubs and LUG's is advisable.

3. Dipro fair in Ghent on 19/04
 Organization by an ad-hoc team is ongoing - IRC meeting on 16/04.

4. Cleaning/update Ubuntu-be website and wiki
We should continue with cleaning the wiki and improving the website
(through bug-reports).
Website : calendar/events addition is planned.
The heron on the page is part of the ubuntu-loco theme, this theme
should be updated (through to the themer).
The page event-team (all languages) need update (events and link to
Events-team (Launchpad) : minimal content on the website with links to a
wiki page. On each page a double list/choice of language : one is enough.
Wiki : a lot of improvements thanks mongolito404.

5. Next IRC meeting
Wednesday  22-04-2009  at 21h.

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