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As some may have noticed, there is two missing pages from the (in progress)
new website that need to be ported/updated from the old (currently in
production) site.
 * Financial Information - see
 * Event-Team - see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-belgium/+bug/273257

For those who want to help, the "workflow" is to register on both Launchpad
and the Drupal site(1), ask for the "right" to create and edit pages(2), and
edit the pages. This way you can directly work online without lossing time
waiting for someone else to be ready to manage your participation(3). When
adding new pages, you have to opportunity to save them without publishing
should you want others (with the required permission) to review it before
going online.

Any one who want to help with the website (or other subjets) is invited to
monitor (mail, rss, etc) the ubuntu-belgium bugs page in launchpad (
https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-belgium/+bugs) for open tasks. If you know
Drupal, look there, we need your help.

(1) You should soon be able to use your Launchpad identities to autheticate
on the Ubuntu-be Drupal site. Launchpad beta tester could already do it.
Others must wait for the end of the beta of the Launchpad OpenID support.
(2) Do it in bugs comment and don't forget to specifiy your Drupal user
(3) Off course, the first time you will have to wait until I (or an other
admin) grant you the editor "right".

mongolito404, king of the mongolian people
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