[Ubuntu-be] New Website - Participation, Goal pages translated to English

Glenn South fc243265 at skynet.be
Fri Sep 19 08:30:59 BST 2008

The site looks really good and flows well. Though it did seem a little
slow this morning. I did finish the English translation for Participate,
and noticed that the Goal page wasn't done either, and I did that real
quick as well. I have sent the ODT's to mongolita404 for review and font
lift (face lift). Email me if you want a copy for review as well.

I want to give personal thanks also to my wife, Ligaya Pechardo, who got
up at 0700 this morning, (I was up at 0400) to help me put on the final
touches in the interpretation of several sentences that were not making
sense to me.

Next time just send me the text in dutch/flemish in email, it will be
faster I think for me, then you guys can upload it where it goes.

Also I was just tired yesterday. password problem was goofy here didn't
register yet! on the website.

Enjoy, mijn pleasure, plus it helps mij learn Flemish as well!

Glenn South / Ligaya Pechardo

GSM 0499/ 124 631
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Stupidity, though I am not quite sure of the second one! "
Albert Einstien - 1956

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