[Ubuntu-be] Bredene fair booth report

jean7491 jean7491 at free.fr
Thu Nov 20 20:32:17 GMT 2008

Hi all

As newcomer in ubuntu.be, I participated to the DIPRO-fair in Bredene on 
02/11/2008, with thre other ubuntu.be members. It was my first activity. 
Here my lessons learned.

The most important is to look at the Wiki LoCoComputerFairHowto.

Equipment: lack of decoration of the booth (no tablecloths or coating) 
and nothing with the name of the organizers' « Ubuntu.be » (a banner?).

Sideshow for promotion of Ubuntu was that of Roel Huybrechts, available 
for Ubuntu.be, but ...

Not attractive to visitors: too many naked texts, no pictures, no 
multimedia effects.

It must remain in simple language. Non-expert public (computing and 
Linux) is the target.

It must attract the attention of the visitors/passers.

A PC (or laptop) with large screen and speakers, reserved for the 

The screen should be higher than the table (more attractive).

Questions and demonstrations: many curious and questions about the 
existence of Ubuntu next to Windows (dualboot).

The most important is to look at the Wiki LoCoComputerFairHowto.

Press and media interest : maybe not in the habits, but necessary in 
order to promote Ubuntu.
We should let us know and, inter alia, focus on the (local) press.

Before the event : a brief letter to the journalists from the local 
press to inform about our coming activity.

During the event : more attention to the presentation (decoration) of 
our booth. Photos of the booth and activities.

After the event, suggestion of a short article (with one photo) to be 
sent to the local press.


Mark Van den Borre a écrit :
> Hi all,
> I know from personal conversations with people who manned booths that
> we were present in Bredene and Antwerp.
> Could you people please send a short note on how things went, and
> maybe fill out some information on the wiki?
> Mark

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