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Pierre Buyle mongolito404+ubuntu-be at gmail.com
Thu Nov 13 13:30:09 GMT 2008

planetplanet is a Python application. I'm not sure that our current web
server support Python. It can surely be installed on the server. Or hosted
somewhere else. But I will no do it. Nor will I supervise it. I don't know
enough Python for that. And I don't have the time to learn it. But if
somebody else want to do it. Don't be shy. Go ahead. Just do it.

Also, planetplanet means zero integration with the Drupal site. So no single
signon for administrators or planet members. A separate theme (and more work
if we want to make the two look the same). Planet content not searchable
through the website build-in search. etc

Anyway, I'm not asking what software I should use. I'm asking what are the
expected features. So I can actually do something that will meet some needs.
I trust myself to choice the right tool for the job, the one that suits me.
I just want to be sure I do the right job. But again, if somebody think
he/she knows exactly what to do and how to do it and if he/she want to do
it, I would be happy to switch to another task and let he/she do the job.

2008/11/13 Serge van Ginderachter <serge at vanginderachter.be>

> >
> > Isn't it possible to create planet.ubuntu-be.org and use planet (
> http://www.planetplanet.org/ )?
> >
> > Just an idea..
> And a good one, imho.
> planetplanet is easy to set up. Just need some fancy custom css to make it
> pretty.
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