[Ubuntu-be] Presentation for Ubuntu release parties and showbooths

Matthew matthew at ds-extreme.nl
Tue Nov 11 19:36:37 GMT 2008



That's a great idea! We really need something like that. If it's ready, you
can send it to me for a proofreading because languages (Dutch!) is my


About the background music. take a catchy tune. Something people will stay
to listen to it. Can't think for an example.




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I will be happy to give you some feedback on your work. But I won't be able
to proofread it since my writing skills are pretty poor.

2008/11/7 jean7491 <jean7491 op free.fr>

Hi to all,

During Dipro event in Bredene on 2th Nov I realised the need for a
dynamic presentation of Ubuntu.

I have a limited experience with Ubuntu and Ubuntu.be.
Nevertheless I am currently working on a slideshow based on the work of
Rafik Ouerchefani and Daniel Holbach : for the use by Ubuntu.be, with
more dynamic/animation, first in french and later in dutch.

With such a challenge I can't tell when it will be done !

First I need suggestions for a music-background during the slideshow :
what is the best appropriate ?
Later this month I will need some help to control my my product (in
french and later in dutch) : volunteers ?


mongolito404, king of the mongolian people

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