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Michel Lauryssen ingebeeldvriendje at gmail.com
Sat Nov 8 18:04:59 GMT 2008


Some time ago, I've requested some stickers myself.  You can send an
selfadressed and stamped envelope to the next adress:

Powered by Ubuntu - stickers
p/a Baliestraat 84 / 3
8000 Brugge

After a while, you will be receiving you're free stickers.  I do not
know exactly how it works, but it takes some time before they arive.
You might find more info on the old messages of this list:

Op maandag 13-08-2007 om 20:40 uur [tijdzone +0200], schreef Jan Claeys:
> Now, some general tips for people who want to get some of these
> stickers:
>       * in the enveloppe you send me, include an empty, open enveloppe
>         that has your address written/printed at the front
>       * make sure there is a correct postal stamp on it (all letters
>         have to use the Prior tariff now, so 0,52 € !!!)
>       * if someone outside of Belgium wants stickers, that's okay, but
>         they should include an International Reply Coupon, not stamps
>         from Poland or Italy or whatever
>       * it's probably a good idea to put the Ubuntu-stickers address
>         above on the backside of the enveloppe

Stickers will arrive at people's places again Very Soon Now(tm) !

It took some more time than I thought to get them in Belgium, but now I
have them...  :-)

Jan Claeys


Michel Lauryssen

Op zaterdag 08-11-2008 om 18:47 uur [tijdzone +0100], schreef Irshad:

> Hello,
> i'm new to Ubuntu and i live in liege!
> i would like to know if i can get free stickers of ubuntu as suggested
> by this website and if yes what should i do?
> http://system76.com/article_info.php?articles_id=9#belgium
> I would also like to know if there are not any ubuntu team in liege or
> in the university of liege.
> thank you in advance
> irshad NOBEEBUX
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