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Bruno De Bondt bruno at indymedia.be
Wed Jun 11 22:28:25 BST 2008


I'm afraid I'm not familiar enough with the Location module to answer 
your questions with certainty. I guess we'll have to try out the module 
and see what's provided, what's possible, what isn't, ...

One option that comes to mind is to use views fastsearch 
(http://drupal.org/project/views_fastsearch) for searching: it's a 
plugin that lets you search CCK fields that you've exposed. So perhaps 
we can build a search form where the location field is exposed, and 
searchable for visitors. But again, this needs to be tested.

We could also compile a list of questions about the Location module, and 
then try to contact the developers?

Concerning compatibility with Drupal versions: the final release of 
Location (it's currently under development) will be compatible with D5 
and D6. What version we go with, IMO, depends on whether the things we 
need (eg. CCK) are ready for D6 by the time we build the site (the 
development cycle for Drupal 6's contrib is a bit behind, because some 
major contrib modules were rewritten from scratch, doing this took some 
time ...). At this moment, not a lot of sites are being built with D6 yet.

talk to you soon,
- bruno

mongolito404 wrote:
> Hi,
> Bruno, is the current version of the Location module compatible with
> the planned Drupal version (there is an hidden question here) ? Does
> it provides any search API over the geolocalization data (like the
> nearest node, or all nodes in a specific area, etc.) ? I would better
> contribute to an existing project than re-inventing yet another wheel.
> But I fear this module may be too generics (because it's support
> geolocalization of any node) without providing the features we need
> (because not designed to provide them).
> Pierre (V.), please see the requirements
> (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BelgianTeam/2008/WebsiteRequirements). OpenID
> is planned, for both the web site and the support point map (since
> it's backend will be the web site).
> On Sun, Jun 8, 2008 at 8:41 PM, Pierre Vorhagen <pvorhagen at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> This gives me an idea... yesterday I discussed integration of OpenID in
>> all Ubuntu wikis, like it is already tested here:
>> https://testwiki.ubuntu.com/ (try to connect and you will see). The
>> final aim is to use the same launchpad ID everything...
>> I suggest thinking ahead and integrating this technology in the support
>> points map now, before it becomes the "usual" way of registering for
>> Ubuntu activities...
>> Pierre
>> Bruno De Bondt a écrit :
>>> Pierre Buyle wrote:
>>>> <snip>
>>>> Drupal customization is needed to use Drupal as back-end for the
>>>> support points map. There is two "customization" that are needed. We
>>>> should find the way to store "supporters profile information" (see
>>>> current support points map at http://map.ubuntu.be for what's in it)
>>>> in Drupal user profile. For this I know there is a Drupal module that
>>>> can be used to attach CCK nodes to users. But maybe there is a better
>>>> solution (I don't know Drupal very much). We will also need a way to
>>>> search this information. For end-used through a nice Web UI. From the
>>>> JavaScript through a JSON or XML API. I've no idea how we could do
>>>> this second part with Drupal.
>>> Have a look at the the Location module
>>> (http://drupal.org/project/location). Basically, it allows Drupal
>>> objects (such as nodes) to be associated with geographical information.
>>> According  to the project's description, it should be possible to feed
>>> this info to a Google map:
>>> "(...)
>>> - provides methods to perform geocoding operations (address -> lat/long
>>> coordinates) using third-party geocoding service providers
>>> - provides methods to connect to various third-party web map service
>>> providers"
>>> Does this look ok?
>>> - bruno
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