[Ubuntu-be] Getting a new Website

Pierre Vorhagen pvorhagen at gmail.com
Sun Jun 8 19:41:14 BST 2008


This gives me an idea... yesterday I discussed integration of OpenID in 
all Ubuntu wikis, like it is already tested here: 
https://testwiki.ubuntu.com/ (try to connect and you will see). The 
final aim is to use the same launchpad ID everything...
I suggest thinking ahead and integrating this technology in the support 
points map now, before it becomes the "usual" way of registering for 
Ubuntu activities...


Bruno De Bondt a écrit :
> Pierre Buyle wrote:
>> <snip>
>> Drupal customization is needed to use Drupal as back-end for the
>> support points map. There is two "customization" that are needed. We
>> should find the way to store "supporters profile information" (see
>> current support points map at http://map.ubuntu.be for what's in it)
>> in Drupal user profile. For this I know there is a Drupal module that
>> can be used to attach CCK nodes to users. But maybe there is a better
>> solution (I don't know Drupal very much). We will also need a way to
>> search this information. For end-used through a nice Web UI. From the
>> JavaScript through a JSON or XML API. I've no idea how we could do
>> this second part with Drupal.
> Have a look at the the Location module 
> (http://drupal.org/project/location). Basically, it allows Drupal 
> objects (such as nodes) to be associated with geographical information. 
> According  to the project's description, it should be possible to feed 
> this info to a Google map:
> "(...)
> - provides methods to perform geocoding operations (address -> lat/long 
> coordinates) using third-party geocoding service providers
> - provides methods to connect to various third-party web map service 
> providers"
> Does this look ok?
> - bruno

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