[Ubuntu-be] Kringloop and a little startup bug

glennsouth fa036236 at skynet.be
Fri Feb 29 06:14:35 GMT 2008

1. Bart: Man, thanks for the offer for having volunteers help me on
hardware. I am more worried about load issues. I want these machines to
be perfect this roll out. Also you might want to find a roll of
Yellow/Black caution tape for the release party and other events in case
your electrical source crosses the aisle ways.

2. My Son's computer. Works fantastic BUT! PIII-1000/512DRAM. Something
Ubuntu doesn't like somewhere. 7.10 wouldn't start, 7.04 DID but I still
see the same message, and my lack of knowledge does not tell me what to

error message:

udevd-event[2130]: run_program: “/sbin/modprobe” abnormal exit

BusyBox v1.1.3 (Debian 1:1.1.3-5ubuntu7) Built-in shell (ash)

Enter ‘help’ for a list of built-in commands


This is exactly the same message I had on install. BUT if I ESC to GRUB
and select 16-GENERIC it runs like a race horse.

Glenn South

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