[Ubuntu-be] Console or Graphical?

Vincent Mangelschots vincent at mangelschots.be
Mon Feb 25 23:29:17 GMT 2008

I use the GUI for my day to day tasks like reading email, browsing the 
web, chatting with my friends etc. For configuring my system and some 
other tasks like downloading large files (wget and cli ftp) i use the 
console. I realy love working with the terminal for two reasons. It's 
for some tasks alot faster then using gui and i operate a few remote 
systems and nothing compares with ssh for remote administration.

In short: I use whatever is the fastest. And if you are familiar with 
it, the terminal can be very efficient.

Dries Van Hooydonck wrote:
> Hello everybody!
> I am wondering if you Ubuntu users use the system graphical or 
> console-based, through the terminal....
> Me for myself I prefer most things graphical at the moment because I 
> am only beginning to learn how to use the terminal. But I think as the 
> years rise, the GUI will be past and I will use the terminal more . I 
> know this guy who really does everything (listening music, mailing, 
> msn,  ftp, ...) in the terminal.
> So what about you guys??
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