[Ubuntu-be] Kringloop Retail rolls out Ubuntu "Cadillac's"

glennsouth fa036236 at skynet.be
Mon Feb 25 19:53:32 GMT 2008

Finally after 6 hard months, I am getting my Internet connection in the
warehouse. Watch these refurbished units fill Oost-Vlaanderen,
Geraardsbergen, Ninove, Herzele, Lessen, until their shelves cant handle
any more. 

This is a great start for this old region. Still a lot of work,
translation, presentations and documentation to be done with in Ned and

I have had many people, outside of my work that has seen the power of my
first built prototype, and I have successfully converted three XP
wannabees at my home.

We still have a lot of work to do. I can't do it all by myself down
here. But, we, the community, Belgium as a whole. It is coming.

Mark, you can post this on the tail end. Just wanted to give some really
good news. The more you guys help me! The more that 250 retail outlets
can do the same throughout the Kringloop retail environment in Belgium
regardless of language.

Glenn South
ATB Volunteer

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