[Ubuntu-be] reminder: language use

Antonio Zugaldia antonio at zugaldia.net
Sun Feb 24 10:55:18 GMT 2008

On Sun, 2008-02-24 at 01:05 +0100, Mark Van den Borre wrote:
> Dear all,
> Just a quick reminder...
> Please use English wherever possible when posting to this list. Even
> if the issue at stake is really really specific to the Dutch speaking
> population, please try to give at least a summary of your message in
> English. If you're not able to do that yourself, please ask someone to
> do this for you.
> This requires some extra effort. The reward is manyfold:
> * You'll hopefully think twice before making the extra effort, so less blah.
> * More people within Belgium able to at least somewhat understand what
> you want to say. Many Dutch, French, German, Italian, Arab, Turkish,
> Kurdish,... speaking people have at least basic command of
> Shakespeare's language.

I'd also add Spanish. I've just joined the list after visiting your
stand during FOSDEM yesterday. I'm now living in Brussels, and I'm glad
of being in contact with you the ubuntu-be crew. Many thanks for your
English effort, it's very much appreciated!



Antonio Zugaldia <antonio at zugaldia.net>

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