[Ubuntu-be] Fosdem 2008

snulkid rr at lilit.be
Sat Feb 23 19:54:25 GMT 2008

Good evening

I don't know if Ubuntu is the most used Linux distro, if I should 
improve my Dutch (#) to read most of the messages here, if there will 
be a tram in Liege (#) or if God exists, but the fact is free 
software has got media attention tonight : I just saw images from 
Fosdem (with an interview of Christophe Vandeplas (##)) at RTBF 
evening news. A bit strange indeed : no mention of the words Linux, 
Ubuntu, or even... Fosdem! No mention of OLPC project when showing 
them (so most people probably understood it was just another "low 
cost laptop"). But at least, they insist on the "alternative to 
Windows", and Christophe mentioned Firefox and Gimp..

Enjoy your Fosdem!

(#) Off-topic P.S. : Well, I *should* improve it, of course. Apart 
from the arguments given by Koen, it would also be easier for me to 
read this :
If some people out Limburg could tell me in private what is happening 
now with this project, I would be very interested.

(##) On-topic P.S.: ...but unfortunately, they did not interview 
Tille. To prevent another car pollution peak tomorrow in Brussels ?

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