[Ubuntu-be] Why Linux Doesn't Spread - the Curse of Being Free

Kevin Elaerts kevin.elaerts at telenet.be
Thu Feb 21 17:59:20 GMT 2008

I totally agree with this, finally my dad has seen the last straw in his 
struggles with fucked up microsoft machines and the fact that I can't 
even fix many off them anymore, cause I'm almost totally kicked off from 
using that very bad system.

I once knew every aspect off that other OS for doing maintenance, now 
I've forgotten them all, but I know a lot off Unix-tools instead and my 
dad sees it to and we are now using and assessing it in our home 

Kurt De Smet schreef:
> We can make a difference, since Ubuntu I've completely removed M$ from 
> my pc's. I had many distro's RH, SuSe, Fedora etc.. but now it has 
> reached a level so user friendly anyone can use it. Don't talk about 
> installing cause 90% of the users can't install M$ either. And here we 
> can make a difference.
> Most of the Linux users have a fair good knowledge on how a pc works, 
> the kind of person people come to when there M$ system slows down to 
> much or is crawling with viruses to reinstall there os and programs for 
> free. I can only speak for myself but I can't count the times I've 
> reinstalled windows for people (oh yes, no charge at all). Now I give 
> them an alternative with Ubuntu (free as usual), if they refuse I say 
> they have to go to the vendor where they bought the pc (oh yes they have 
> to pay there and as usual they forget or won't install(printer,scanner 
> ...) drivers ;-) ).
> I'm tiered trying to convert people and mostly of tuning a M$ system 
> (after a month or less the system is f$*k'd up again). If they change to 
> Ubuntu I will help them as much as possible as I always did. If they 
> don't they can take there troubles somewhere else and pay for it.
> If we all do it how long will it take? Let them learn the hard way, 
> because they won't take the easy way.
> Just my nine pence ;-)
> Amedee Van Gasse schreef:
>> An interesting article featured on /.
>> http://blog.anamazingmind.com/2008/02/why-linux-doesnt-spread-curse-of-being.html

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