[Ubuntu-be] Why Linux Doesn't Spread - the Curse of Being Free

Kurt De Smet kurt.de.smet at telenet.be
Thu Feb 21 17:34:37 GMT 2008

We can make a difference, since Ubuntu I've completely removed M$ from 
my pc's. I had many distro's RH, SuSe, Fedora etc.. but now it has 
reached a level so user friendly anyone can use it. Don't talk about 
installing cause 90% of the users can't install M$ either. And here we 
can make a difference.

Most of the Linux users have a fair good knowledge on how a pc works, 
the kind of person people come to when there M$ system slows down to 
much or is crawling with viruses to reinstall there os and programs for 
free. I can only speak for myself but I can't count the times I've 
reinstalled windows for people (oh yes, no charge at all). Now I give 
them an alternative with Ubuntu (free as usual), if they refuse I say 
they have to go to the vendor where they bought the pc (oh yes they have 
to pay there and as usual they forget or won't install(printer,scanner 
...) drivers ;-) ).

I'm tiered trying to convert people and mostly of tuning a M$ system 
(after a month or less the system is f$*k'd up again). If they change to 
Ubuntu I will help them as much as possible as I always did. If they 
don't they can take there troubles somewhere else and pay for it.

If we all do it how long will it take? Let them learn the hard way, 
because they won't take the easy way.

Just my nine pence ;-)

Amedee Van Gasse schreef:
> An interesting article featured on /.
> http://blog.anamazingmind.com/2008/02/why-linux-doesnt-spread-curse-of-being.html

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