[Ubuntu-be] [Fwd: FOSDEM: stands/devrooms: last update]

Jan Claeys ubuntu at janc.be
Thu Feb 21 04:28:52 GMT 2008


Below is the last official update from FOSDEM about the stands...  ;-)

I might be able to lend a switch from a friend (I'l probably know later
today), alternatively we can use 1 or 2 home routers with 4 LAN ports,
that should be enough for us.  (Long) UTP-cables are always welcome too,
it seems.  And power strips.

On Saturday I'd want to be there by 10h, on Sunday by 9h00-9h30.

PS: be sure to label all your cables & other stuff that you bring with

-------Doorgestuurd bericht-------
Here's a recap of the hardware you should try to bring along:
- - network switches for your own stand
- - long UTP cables to interconnect the stands (we cannot guarantee that
the network uplinks will be within 20cm of your respective stand)
- - power distribution strips (as used in Belgium: type C/E [1])

[1] http://users.pandora.be/worldstandards/electricity.htm#plugs_e

I can't insist enough on power strips ;)

As a reminder, each stand is actually a table of 2m width and we provide
two seats per table as well as wireless (a+b) and wired (see above,
please bring along cables and switches). We'll try to do our best on
wired but if you really, really need CAT5, better bring along an AP or
wifi router (we can only guarantee wifi).

The best time to build up your stands is after 10:00 -- that gives us
plenty of time to prepare everything (although we'll already start on
Friday, obviously ;)), including the network.

I'll stick A4 sheets with your project name on the tables so you'll know
where to install your stuff. I can't tell you in which building which
project will be (we'll have stands in H and AW this year) because we're
going to improvise that on Friday ;)

If you don't want to go around both hallways to see for yourself, poke
the friendly staff at the Infodesks, they'll have a list.

See you at the beer event ;)

Jan Claeys

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