[Ubuntu-be] free slow computer for charity

Thijs Braem tbraem at vub.ac.be
Mon Feb 18 12:32:32 GMT 2008

Oxfam probably still has some use for these computers:


( for their "easyespace" project, website is not really finished
apparently : http://www.easyespace.be/ , computers will be running linux
though )


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> Hi all,
> I've got an Intel Pentium III at 500 Mhz with 128 Mb RAM standing around
> here, and also a few 17'' CRT monitors.
> The PC runs fine with XFCE, plays all sorts of media, allows for browsing
> and stuff like that so it would be a shame to throw this away.
> It's CD-drive is broken but you all know this can be replaced very cheaply -
> I'd even throw one in for free if the cause is worth it.
> If anyone knows a good purpose for these (preferably supporting Ubuntu or
> humanity), please let me know.
> The hardware can be picked up in Ghent.
> Ciao,
> Tom.

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